The Clinger Stage 2


The Clinger Stage 2 – Joint Case, Cigarette Case, Lighter Holder, Doobie Tube. Perfect for smokers on the move!

The new Stage 2 Clinger can now hold both Bic or Clipper lighters!

The Clinger is designed to be the best solution for carrying your joints. It’s a must have for anyone who rolled their own joints!


What sets us apart from other tubes is you can STILL use your lighter while it attached. You’ll always have somewhere to store your joints close by. It works with BOTH Bic & Clipper lighters.

It’s 100% smell proof and we tested it… a lot! Its perfect for storing half of your clips and saving them for later!

We constantly had the issue that we wanted to save half of out smokes for later. We used other products but when nothing ultimately fit all our requirement we decided to make it our mission to design and create the best solution for carrying joints and clips.


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