What is a we hawker member?

A member is someone that can receive all the perks and privileges that we hawkers have to offer. You will not have to be a vendor to be a member and receive these perks

How can I become a we hawker member?

Purchase the membership package. This will be located under vendors and services category. It will be a 50 USD fee

What are the advantages in becoming a member?

Free unlimited samples from designers and artist
Free unlimited tickets to events, fashion shows and parties
Free products from artist and entrepreneurs
Free coupons and gifts

How can I become a we hawker vendor?
Submit your information, and pay 10 USD per month You do not have to have a store front to become a vendor.
Once you become a vendor your profile and business will be added to we hawkers, allowing creatives, brands, artist and designers to reach out to you

Whats the advantages in becoming a vendor?

All vendors will receive products for wholesale, as well as special perks from the brand.

Special perks
Free samples
Free tickets to events
Discounts that the designer is giving
Products at wholesale prices

What is a we hawker vendor?
A we hawker vendor is a person or store owner that will be added to the we hawkers website so he or she will sell merchandise and products for designers and creatives globally at their store or direct sales. As well as get products for wholesale prices.

We hawkers also are people that can sell you merchandise publicly, at events, at festivals, concerts etc.

How are we hawkers chosen?

We hawkers are thoroughly screened and their contact information is taken from them before joining the website. All we hawkers users and vendors are legit!, and will be safe to order from, and sell products to.