Be a Seller or Vendor on We Hawkers Online Store

It may take up to 24 hours for you designs and product to be reviewed before its posted on

If your product is not posted with in 24 hours, it’s because your product may have violated our policies

What is allowed to be posted on wehawkers ?

1. Custom made designs, gadgets, and products( these are  designs or products that are  not trademark or licensed  or considered  to be a major brand)

What is not allowed to be posted on wehawkers?

1. Trademark and license designs, products, or gadgets( this means no counterfeits, no name brand, and no trademark products owned by major corporations.
2. Firearms, drugs, tobacco etc..

Who is allowed  to sell name brand and trademark designs and products?

Certified representatives and sell persons whom represents that brand, are only allowed to post designs and products.