Blue Tara Tumbles


Clarity, Cleansing, Healing, Wisdom

The Blue Tara from Itacambira has a very strong connection to the element of water, in my opinion, along with a strong Yin (female) energy.

Size and price

15 grams : $30.00
30 grams : $60.00
45 grams : $90.00

When choosing your amount please note that they will come in bags 15 grams, 30 grams and 45 grams



Working with this material I have noted that it stimulates the upper chakras: throat, third eye and crown. I would not say that these crystals remove blocks for you, rather, I would say that the energy assists you in whatever way you need to dive into whatever the blockages are so that you can clear the blockages.  Personally, I have used the image of the mermaid to meditate with when using this Blue Tara to aid me in doing a “deep dive” into what I needed to self-heal. Their energy is clear and very awake, but not overwhelming.


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