Are you a person that’s good with sales, social media and dealing with people?

If the answer is yes. Join us to become a We Hawkers Worker!

We have the following Positions:

Street Seller

This is a person that can sell merchandise and products in public.

Flyer Distributer

This is a person who can give out flyers regarding business and video record the process

Sample Distributer

This is a person that will be giving out free samples of products and video record the process.

Public Reviews Recruiter

This is a person that will video record people reviewing your products in public, or have people do video surveys of product or website

Digital Influencer Recruiter

This is a person that will go around having people do a 30 second to 1 minute video and public promoting and giving product a shout out.

Offline Social Media Marketer

This is a person that will have people follow your social media page or subscribe to channel or website in public, and they will video record the process.
All video content will be sent to client via website, Google or method requested

To become a We Hawker Worker you will have to pay a fee.
When becoming a vendor you will be connected to the latest brands and businesses. They will contact you to work for them by using the wehawkers vendors directory. They will send your merchandise to sell, or hire you to promote their business or brand.

Pricing :

10 $ For 1 Month
20 $ For 3 Month

How to pay :

Once you fill the We Hawkers Worker Directory Listing Form and send us, We will check your details and you will get an email with our payment details.

Join us :