Public customers reviews and surveys!


We will issue a 5 person campaign using   5  different representatives  giving customer reviews and product testing or surveys for your app, your physical product,, or a  pre existing service or business that customers are already using. We will  have these reviews and surveys in a public a environment  or at large events and gatherings. We also do political campaigns and petitions.

How it works, is you give us your target demographic, and the product that you would like reviewed, and we will will video record the customer reviewing and giving positives and negatives criticism of your product. We also can do written surveys regarding your product.

A 5 person staff that’s working for 4 hours will cost 560.00. This will include public customer video reviews of your productt, the cuatomers contact information mobile number email address etc so you can contact them in the future for special discounts and for your mailing list. We will also have them follow your social Media platforms or register to your website. All videos and information will  be emailed you using the method required. All surveys and information will be done and collected digitally.

If you prefer a smaller package,less workers, and less hours, you can customize your order by filling out the form.



We offer real public produt customer reviews and surveys  regarding  apps, clothing brands, fragrances, beverages or any type of items, products or services.


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