Art for your home or office wall


If you’re like most people, you’d jump at the chance to bring this superstar and cultural icon from Barbados home with you to give you that boost of beauty and inspiration we all need from time to time. Capture the beauty and the essence of a musical artist that’s beloved around the world. So if you’re into her, her music, what she stands for or anything else, you’re only a few clicks away from putting this gorgeous artwork on display for you and others to enjoy forever.



Take one look at this portrait-style facial painting: layers of bold colors and pop graffiti touches encapsulate and highlight the subject’s soul and eternal vibe. With it’s vertical and horizontal lines in an elegant mixture of light and dark hues, you’ll find yourself looking at this breathtaking piece for eons. The portrait is centered on a soothing white background, and the elements of graffiti-style coloring on her cheeks add a dimension of depth. Add to that Rihanna’s piercing eyes, and you’ve got a level of intensity to the piece that brings it all together.


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